Fuel Filter Replacement

I had a fuel filter in my shop for a little over a year and thought I would replace it.  I had other work to perform on the car and this was a good time to do it.  The filter is located in the left wheel well and the removal of the wheel and wheel well lining is necessary. 

As you can see I removed the wheel and wheel well lining without taking any photos.  Sorry!  All that is necessary is to remove the wheel to have access to the two nuts and screws and the two push screws that hold the wheel liner.

As you can see that filter has been on for a long time.

Remove the nut for the support bracket.

In this photo I am installing a fuel line disconnect tool.  This tool is slotted to slip over the fuel filter side of the fuel line connection and once installed you push it towards the fuel line to open the clips that hold the fuel line to the filter.

Once you do this to both ends of the filter it should come out.

Once I removed the filter a little fuel spilled out and I noticed the fuel was brown in color.

This was a surprise and needless to say I was a bit concerned; however I checked the other end of the filter and found that it was clear.  Was pleased to see it did its job.

Bolted the filter in place and just pushed the fuel lines into place.  I would recommend that you start the car and check the filter for leaks prior to reinstalling the wheel liner and wheel.

Cut the filter in half to see how bad that filter was.

I would say it was overdue for a replacement.  106,000mi.



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