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Sun 3/16/2014 5:49 AM

From Guenter

Hello Gus,
I am from germany. i am driving Jaguar over 35 years with MK2, E-V12, XJ12 Serie2 and Serie3, XJ40,XJS,S-Typ 4,0 ltr. Thank you for the komplett information and the details. In germany it is not possible to get this full information.
Thank you.

Fri 2/28/2014 10:36 PM

From Andy

Hi Gus
Just working through an intake manifold remove/clean/regasket/replace and found your site
with all of the pictures of each stage of the job.
This is great.  It did take me a few hours to get the manifold off, but would have been a lot longer without your help!   Now about to clean it up and replace, and see whether this will cure my P0171/P0174 problem


Sat 2/1/2014 5:13 PM

From Nelson

Gus, Just wanted to take the time to thank you for I replaced my 2003 XK8 brake light switch using your info and was quite surprised how detailed you where.

Thu 1/2/2014

From Sondra

Your website is so great and your willingness to help one-to-one remarkable in this day.

Mon 6/17/2013

From Dave

Hi Gus, thank you very much for making this site and all the info it 
contains. I love my Jaaaaaaaags but will not let anyone else touch them - I do my 
own servicing and repairs so to have all this information at my 
fingertips is truly brilliant.

Many thanks again,

Wed 6/19/2013

From Ron


I can't thank you enough for your help.
I was able to identify the line I crimped... and repair it today.  Whew!

Thanks so much!!!

Wed 7/10/2013

From; Nathan

Hi Gus, great site very useful for jag owners worldwide

Sun 12/2/2012 7:28 PM

From: Dave


Thanks very much Gus. I read your step by step procedure.
Looks very thorough. Without it I'd be paying the Galpin Jag dealer about $1,800 to do it.

Thanks again.


Thu 2/21/2013 9:48 AM


Gus you're a star - that's the news I wanted to hear, the words "did it on my driveway" are music to my ears!

Will drop you a line when I've done it next week, waiting for the part to arrive from England.


DefaultNo start resolved

Hi Gus - thanks for your offer of telephone help - I'm delighted to say I've got it going - I've posted how(basically your method with a twist or 2) on the forum.I certainly wouldn't have had a clue without reading your technical help on your website. I did read your discussions with afellow member who implied that he thought any introduced oil would merely sit in the bottom of the bore - from my observations with the compression gauge this can't be true - I would imagine that as the piston rises each stroke either the inertia of the oil or the increasing compression(or a combination of both)distributes it around the ring circumference.
Many,many thanks for your help.
With kind regards,
David Millington


Thank You

Originally Posted by a-fordable

Hello: neighbor I am a long time reader of this great site and JAGREPAIRS.COM. I don't post much, but I want to thank you for all your help. I am a 3 jag owner---I recently had start issues with my 99---XJ8L ---I tried many things till I went to JR.COM and realy step by step went through your helpful info on cylinder wash. I just started my kitty about 2 hours ago and it purrs so sweet. -- THANKS! THANKS! --now I am going public--and that is a threat 

Hello Gus, Your tutorial on the convertible top latch hose replacement was very useful. My mechanic replaced the hoses with the improved hoses and the bill for both that and the repair of the gas fill problem,which was not complicated was 700.00.
thanks for your help.
Regards, Greg H.

Hello Gus,I just switched my XKR-99 to a 2003 XKR convertible, and found your excellent description how to exchange the rear speakers.Thanks for your site itís the best I have found so far. I will place a link( if possible) from the Swedish Jaguar club page.Donīt ever shut it down. A.W.

Thanks for the info. on replacing a window regulator on my 2000 s type. It sure was easy with the pictures. K.B.

Thank you for your generous sharing. A Christian act!!!
Just found your site through the great forum  R.S

3/20/12 Gus you are a star!! I dont understand how that works, but it did!
many thanks

3/20/12 Gus Want to thank you soooo much for talking with Wayne & Keith today. Those guys are something else! They just finished rebuilding the water pump. Took an old motor,sand paper, a measuring calipher tool,solder the wires and I now have heat!!! They said they enjoyed talking with you today and you also had to rebuild one. Hope we can stay in touch and not always something wrong with the Jag.
Thanks Again!

3/12/2012  Gus,, I'm blown away with your Jag site. I once owned a 86 XJ-6 and 85 XJ-S v-12. Now this 2000 sStype 3.0. I am solid Jag fan and your site gives me real hope in saving some much needed money for a retired guy. The detail you use is off the chart. All I can say is THANK YOU!!!!
Tom P.

2/9/2012  Gus I wanted to say how much I enjoy your site.  You actually helped me out months ago when I was having issues with the TPS on my '99 XJ8.  I actually bought a salvaged throttle body and switched out the TPS and it actually worked great!  Luke

3/8/2012  Thank you.  Great website by the way very informational.
Daniel H.

2/7/2012  Thanks for the page on the thermostat housing replacement, especially the part about bending the wrench, it worked like a charm.  The one thing that could be added to the page it that you need to order the o rings for the Water Distribution Page, before starting the job. I have a leak there and am waiting for those to arrive, but they are easy to get to and replace.
Thanks again, your page is a great resource!   Jackson



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