Head Rest Repair


This procedure for the Head Rest was done by Mike R

This procedure is a modification of TSB 501-58.   This TSB is directing you to use a piece of heat shrink tubing to replace the head restraint drive cable outer sheathing after cutting it shorter.

This is a new fix for the headrest cable housing.  Mike used a 5/16 compression union. The cable from the end of the housing to the end of the cable was 29 mm.  Mike cut the housing so that he had 41 mm.
That would be aprox 16 mm off housing!  Installed a compression union.  Assembled unit works great and will not come apart!!!





This procedure is from Stevepaa from SanJose

He used a plastic union and it worked very nicely.



Ccfulton from Phoenix

The idea of a plumbing fitting got me thinking that SMC makes pneumatic fittings that are all plastic (no rattles) and are slip connections, so would be very easy to install. They have an internal o-ring to keep everything aligned and an inward facing "teeth" to hold it in place.

I used 5/16 but 8mm should also work, as they are the same size. Total length of cable sheath removed was 20mm (12 from the TSB and an additional 8 for the length of the fitting.

SMC Corporation - KQ2H09-00 - Pneumatics - Fittings - Allied Electronics




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