Convertible Top Hydraulic Lift Cylinder R&R



1. Power convertible top to fully lowered position.

2. Power adjacent front seat to fully forward position.

3. Remove battery cover and disconnect ground cable from battery terminal.

4. Remove rear seat cushion.

5. Remove rear seat squab.

6. Remove rear quarter casing cappings.

7. Remove rear quarter casings.

8. Remove rear speaker (premium ICE only).




9. Position trunk RH liner for access and turn hydraulic pump valve fully counter-clockwise

to manual operation position.

10. Manually move convertible top to fully raised position.



11. Remove clip/pin assembly securing hydraulic cylinder to frame linkage.


12. Disconnect hydraulic cylinder harness multiplug ((RH (facing forward) hydraulic cylinder only).



13. Free headlining rear quarter for access. Slacken and remove mounting bracket cover plate

lower securing screw, position headlining for access and remove two remaining screws.



14. Move hydraulic cylinder clear of half pivot and remove and retain wavy washer from


15. Position a piece of absorbent cloth below hydraulic cylinder to protect paintwork from

any fluid spillage.



16. Identify and mark position of hoses relative to hydraulic cylinder connectors, disconnect

hoses and remove and discard 'O' ring seals.

17. Fit blanking plugs to hydraulic cylinder and hose connectors.

18. Remove hydraulic cylinder from vehicle.




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