2010 Jaguar XF 5.0

Oil Change Using Vacuum Method

As you can see I have replaced the oil in my XF by doing it the old fashion way by draining from the oil pan.  I elected to try the vacuum extraction procedure that is available in the XF.  I was a bit curious as to how well it was going to work but it worked well.

I looked around for an oil extraction system that would do the job and not put me in the poor house and what I found was this vacuum extraction system.  I like it because I can use it to draw other fluids and bleeding a brake system.

This is the unit I purchased.  What got my attention was that it will evacuate the oil two ways, one using the vacuum pump manually or with the use of air from an air compressor.  What also got my attention was that you could use it to evacuate and/or bleed your brake system.  So far it worked well evacuating the oil from the car.





When I used it for the first time I had to apply a lubricant on the vacuum line fitting that goes to the vacuum pump.  It was a little tight and I did not want to force it.


This is the other end of the siphon tube from the vacuum pump.

For the first time use, I elected to attach my air hose to see how well it worked.  It worked well.  One of the short falls was that this pump will only hold 6.5 quarts and this car, on a normal oil change, takes      7 quarts with an oil filter change.




Yes, I did change the oil filter and I feel it is the right thing to do at every oil change.

After the oil was extracted I refilled the oil and it took 7 quarts just like it did when I drained the oil from the oil pan plug. This leads me to believe it was sucessful in extracting all the oil from the car.

All in all, I felt that this evacuation unit worked well and I am looking forward to using it on the brake system.



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