S-Type Rear Differential Oil Change

It was a little difficult to remove the plug.  What I found out after removing it was that Red Loktite was used to prevent it from coming loose.  It worked well!!

Got the plug out and noticed that it had a lot of sludge buildup on the plug and was not sure if the fluid was low but since realized it was at its proper level.

I pulled the fluid out with my hand vacuum pump.  It was a little slower because of the viscosity of the oil.

I wanted to know the volume of fluid I took out to be sure I meet and exceeded it with the new fluid.

 As you can see I elected to use Valvoline 75w-140.  This is what was recommended for this car.

Filled the differential to the point it was dripping out and installed the plug.

Cleaned the plug and threads and used Red Loktite.  It is not going to fall out.






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