Jaguar X-TypeRemote Reprogram

Alarm Remote Manual Programming X-Type

  The ignition must be cycled four times between Run and Accessory. It is important to end the cycle in the Accessory position.

This starts the programming mode, which is indicated by a chime from the GEM. The key must be removed from the ignition. Following this, press a button on the RF transmitter within 10 seconds. If the RF transmitter has been accepted, the GEM emits a chime.

To program further transmitters, press a button on the next RF transmitter within 10 seconds of the previous entry. Up to 4 RF transmitters can be programmed into the GEM.

The programming mode can be terminated when any of the following occurs: The ignition is switched to Run,  no further RF transmitters are programmed within 10 seconds, an attempt is made to program more than 4 transmitters.

  Once the GEM has dropped out of the transmitter -programming mode, restarting the process will erase all previous transmitters that were stored within the GEM.

 Caution Note:

When carrying out the above process, please ensure that no other vehicles within a 50 meter radius are undergoing the same programming procedure; this could affect the programming operation.



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