2010 Jaguar XF 5.0

XF Brake Lining Wear Sensor Replacement

One evening when driving the car I got a “Brake Lining Wear” warning on my dash. The next day I checked the brakes.  When I first got the car I had checked the brakes and they all looked new and was a bit confused that I got the warning.  What was so strange was that the warning came up as I was driving the car.  What I found was that the sensor on the left front wheel had a broken lead to it so I ordered a replacement.

Got the car in the air and wheel off and started looking around.  The brake pads were good as I suspected and the face of the sensor looked good. What I did find was that only one was attached to the sensor head.

For whatever reason, it took me a few moments to figure out how to get that sensor out and the new one installed.

What I did was push the brake pad back to the caliper in the same way you would install new brake pads.

I got the sensor out by using a flat head screwdriver under it, pushing it up to remove it from the brake pad.

This is the brake pad with the sensor removed.

This is a top view of the brake pad with the sensor removed.  I was so pleased that I did not need to pull everything apart.

Photo of the new sensor installed.

Sensor being installed.

In the process, I found that the connector stay was broken and was held in place with a wire tie.

Sensor installed and the connector cleaned and attached. Yes, with another wire tie.  After the install I noticed that the old sensor was not installed properly.  What I found was that when the wheel was turned to the right the old sensor lead was taut going to the sensor.  I corrected this by relocating the lead clips.

I should note that when retracting the caliper you should check the brake fluid level to see that the fluid does not overflow out of the reservoir because that fluid is corrosive.  Also, when you get the wheel mounted and the car on the ground you need to pump the brakes a few times until you have a hard brake pedal.  Good news, I no longer have the warning.



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