2010 Jaguar XF Light Stalk Replacement

recently experienced the head lights blinking off for just a moment then back on.  This situation did not happen often maybe two or three times in about a 6 month period.  After checking around and not having any codes related to it I elected to replace the light stalk switch.  I did a little checking on the internet and a friend with Jaguar before I purchased the stalk and I made my decision to replace the stalk first.  I could be wrong but only time will tell.  This is how I replaced it.

I operated the steering column to the up position and put it on manual.  After that I removed the two screws with a T-20 torque bit.

Once the screws were removed I removed the lower cover.  Note that the lower cover has a snap clip that holds it in place.  You will need a little pressure to get the cover off.

Once the lower cover was removed I found that the top cover would not lift up for access to the light stalk clips so I found that it is held in place with, I think, three screws.  So I removed two, one on the left and one on the right.  The photo does not show the screws but that silver shaft is my screwdriver.

This is the light stalk removed and the locking tabs stay clips are located on the top and bottom just squeeze them in and the stalk will come out.  See next photo.

This is the plug associated with the light stalk and it is a little tricky to remove.  Lift the orange plug lock a bit and then remove the plug.

This is the new light stalk installed.  After the plug is installed just push the plug lock back in and push the light stalk back in and check that it is securely in place.  Then put the steering column covers back on and you are done.



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