2010 Jaguar XF 5.0 Oil Change

This was my first project on my newly acquired XF changing the oil.  I am fortunate to have a car lift in my garage so my doing this would be a lot easier than many others.  However, this car has two options in draining the oil.  The one in this illustration is draining it at the oil pan plug.  The other is by vacuuming the old oil out from the fill cap.  At the end of the write-up I will have two Jaguar procedures showing both ways to do it.  I elected to drain the old oil because I have always felt it was the best way to get the sediment from the bottom of the oil pan and I have a car lift.

I have read in several places about what oil to use but I elected to use Castrol Edge 5w20 the first time and I felt the engine noise was excessive so I changed to 0w20 and all was good.  It was hard for me to change from the Mobile 5w30 I have used for years but Castrol was what was recommended in the owner’s manual so that is what I got.  Now it says the fill is 7.7 qts. so I purchased   8 qts. and only filled it with 7 qts. and it was satisfied to the fill mark on the dash.  I must say I was not comfortable with the electronic fill level.  The old dip stick worked just fine for me but times have changed.

A little information on the oil I used.



I opened the fill cap to prevent a vacuum as the oil is draining from the bottom.

I then loosened the oil filter using an oil filter removal tool. Using the wrong tool could cause damage to the plastic cap/casing.

I know many of you do not have a car lift but I wanted to show the recommended lifting spots on this car.

In order to have access to the oil pan drain you need to remove the skid plate/guard and you have 4 places to unfasten.

View of the under part with the skid plate/guard removed.  This is the bottom of the transmission looking forward.

Now you can see the oil pan drain plug.       

If I recall correctly it was a 13 mm plug.

Once I drained the oil I cleaned the area and reinstalled the drain plug.

Removed the old filter.  It just pulls out.

The oil filter cap has an “O” ring that should be replaced.  A new “O” ring should come with your new oil filter and be sure to lubricate it before reinstalling.

The new filter will just snap into place and then you reinstall the cap.

When you have the drain plug and filter reinstalled refill with your new oil.  Start the car, then look for leaks, then reinstall the skid plate/guard.

I am attaching two procedures for replacing the oil.  One is for the drain and refill and the other to remove the oil from the top and refill.  Both procedures show the replacement of the oil filter and torque values. 

Link to Jaguars Oil Change Procedures

Link to Oil Change Drain and Refill 

Link to Oil Change with Vacuum Sys 

Reset Procedure

To re-set the service interval indicator, the following process  must each be carried out within 3 seconds:

1. With the vehicle in power mode 0, (ignition off) press and hold the rear fog lamp switch

2. Allow the vehicle to enter power mode 6 (Press the start button without a foot on the brake)

3.  Immediately release the rear fog lamp switch

4.  Press and hold the trip computer cycle switch

5.  Press and hold the rear fog lamp switch

6.  Continue to hold the trip computer and rear fog lamp switches

 7.  If the process has been successful, the message center will display 'RESETTING SERVICE MODE' and then display 'SERVICE MODE RESET' after 10 seconds

8. Release both switches and return the vehicle ignition to off, power mode 0.


This is a link to my using the vacuum method in changing my oil.




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