XK8 Headlight / Marker Light

Adjustment & Replace

I had to replace one of the marker bulbs and headlight bulbs and found a level and adjusting device for the headlights.

This is the access to the low beam bulb and it is located in the forward wheel well.  Access is a bit awkward and best when the wheel is removed. But it can be accessed with the wheel turned in.

A twist will remove the back cover for access to the bulb

This is the cap removed

The bulb is held in place with a clip that needs to be opened to get the light bulb out.  Use caution not to lose control of that clip.  It should stay in place, but I have others that were dropped out.

This is the clip open.

Replacement bulb.

This is the bulb that I had difficulty with.  You access it from an access panel just above and bulb housing screws out and that is not easy.

The cover comes open by pushing the clips in.  Well, after a few tries, I assisted the push in with a screwdriver and I got it open.  If you use a screwdriver be sure the light is turned off.

This is the socket removed and yes I had removed the bulb.  To remove the socket just remember righty tighty, lefty losey

I removed the cover and I found this level for the head lights.  I had to do a little searching for the instructions and found a TSB that addresses it.  It seems that it was left out of a few owners’ manuals so I made a copy of it and will attach a link to it for you. 

Link  http://jagrepair.com/images/TSB/XK8/TSB%207-22.pdf

My lights needed adjustment so I adjusted them.  I put the bubble between the red lines and I was good to go.  Yes, I know I need to replace the shock mounts on top but will get to that soon.

This is the adjusting device for the lights.  I used a 6mm short socket with a swivel and it worked great.

I hope this helps.

This is a link to the Headlamp Adjustment TSB 7-22





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