XK8 Oil Level Test


Much discussion has taken place on when to check your oil.  This is what I came up with.


Photo 1 was taken before the car was started and it had been sitting overnight.

Photo 2 was taken only after 3 minutes of run time. As you can see how critical it is to have the proper level of oil in the car.

Photo 3 was taken only 5 minutes of operation

Photo 4 was taken after the engine had reached operating temperature and sat for a minute or two.

In looking at the relationship of oil on the dipstick from a cold engine to a hot engine it was different but not by a lot but it was different. Because of the high oil usage on a cold engine I would be checking it on a hot engine. That little bit could make a difference on a cold startup. 


Link To TSB  http://www.jagrepair.com/images/TSB/TSB2/XJ_XK/100General%20Info/100-17%20oil%20level.pdf



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