2010 Jaguar XF 5.0 Brake Pulsing Issue

As many of you have experienced, I too experienced the same pulsing of the brakes when they are applied.  Many things went through my mind.   Is it part of the suspension, worn brakes pads, stuck caliper and the most common warped disks?  So I checked all four wheels for the quality of my brake pads and calipers and checked the entire suspension system and found no abnormalities.  All looked good.  Now I did not remove the disks to check the trueness of them because I at the time did not believe they were warped.  They looked new and I felt I had a few other checks I wanted to make based on a hunch. 

What I was experiencing was that I could feel the pulse and feel it in the steering wheel and brake pedal.  The brake pedal in normal driving had the pulsing and the steering felt like the brakes were shifting pressure from left to right.  But when extra pressure was applied to the brake pedal the pulse was near nonexistent.  It made me direct my effort to the ABS and or an out of adjustment caliper.

This is What I Did to Correct the Brake Pulse

First I want you to know I had driven the car for several miles with this problem trying to figure it out.  I also searched the internet and found MANY with the same issue were replacing the brake pads, calipers  and disks.  When I inspected the brake system I did notice that the rear disks were not as polished as I thought they should be from normal use.  I should also mention that I am light on the brakes when backing and driving.  With that in mind I took my XF to an area that I can back up safely and applied the brakes several times while backing and to my surprise the pulsing disappeared when driving normally.

The XF is equipped with self adjusting brakes on the rear wheels like many other cars. But because of my light braking when backing they were not adjusting.  My best guess is that when the brake pulsing was taking place the braking / ABS was not seeing all wheels braking and it was pulsing searching to correct the problem.  Now that I have adjusted the rear brakes I have driven the car well over two thousand miles without the pulsing.

I am in no way suggesting that this will eliminate your brake pulsing but it might and this process fixed mine.  Should you still experience the pulsing after this adjusting process you should have your brake system checked.




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