Jaguar Replacement Hydraulic Hose for Roof XK8

After several months and several venders I found a vender that would take on my request.  That was to make a replacement hydraulic hose to replace the existing failing hose for the roof latch from the pump on a 1998 – 2005 Jaguar xk8.  This new hose far exceeds the present hose ratings. 

The new hose rating is -65° F to 450°F temperature and a pressure of 3000psi with a 15,000psi burst pressure.  The existing hose was rated at a temperature of 203°and 1600psi.  As you can see we have exceeded the present ratings making a hose with promise. 

The fittings for this kit at the Pump & Latch is Parker #4 CTX-S = #4 Male JIC to 1/8 Male if in the event that they send the wrong fittings again.

This hose has a few restrictions:  Sharp bends (ones that crimp the hose) will reduce the quality of the hose and care must be taken when installing.

The existing fittings on the latch and pump will not work!  They are metric and will need to be replaced and an adapter will need to be installed to replace the existing orifice fittings.  When you replace the fittings use pipe thread tape or putty to prevent leaks.  The two orifices are to be fitted at the pump 

In my past experience I found that slight movement of hoses can cause a weak spot at a fixed connection.  A long story short, secure the hose at the top to prevent excessive movement of the hose at the connector.  Also be sure to isolate the metal hose from any electrical wire that the hose may come in contact with.  You may need to cover the section with electrical tape to prevent chaffing. I have taken the liberty to name this hose the Jaguar CGR Roof hose.  This hose can be purchased directly from the manufacture.  A repair kit for the existing hose is not available at the present time.  You may ask why?  It is because of the metric and standard hoses and connections.  Compatibility is a problem between the existing hose and what is available.

7/23/2012 Top Hydraulics has added hose sets for Jaguar XK8/R 

To purchase just notify: Chic at Colliflower inc, first! He can be reached at 410.686.1200. Please try the e-mail first.

I recently installed a set and it does fit at the latch. You remove the old fittings and install the hose directly to the new fittings on the latch. At the pump you will need to remove both the old fittings and install the new fittings and install the orifice and install the hose.

I am not involved in this transaction nor am I getting a penny from the sale of this product! The cost of this hose is $378.00 NEW PRICE $297.03 plus Tax for a set of 2 hoses (the one that failed and the other one) and you will have to get new connectors and orifice.

If you elect to purchase this hose you will assume all responsibility. I cannot and will not be held responsible for leaks or damage that may be associated with this hose.

Well I have done what I set out do to and that was to evaluate and recommend a fix and I think I have done that. My next project is to provide a trouble shooting check list that will help in evaluating a roof operating problem.



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