Jaguar Seat Control Module Repair XK8/R

This procedure is to repair your seat control module.  This information (photos) were made available by Jay & Glenn, I thank you both for your efforts and illustrations.  I combined both repairs to provide you with all the information I had available.

The first step in troubleshooting your seat not functioning is to check the fuses, if all are good see about swapping one seat control module with the other seat module and see if all functions are working.  If functionality has returned than it is safe to say the module you replaced has a problem.  What has been found in the past is that is that the circuit board becomes worn and the process will sever the connections on the board.  Photos below will help in fixing the problem.  Others found that contamination (spillage/water) on the board prevented it from functioning properly; a simple cleaning will fix the problem.

I have not removed the controller myself but I understand that it is located under the seat center front and it has two bolts/nuts (10mm?) that need to be loosened.  It is said that the hardest part is getting the cable harness released.  The control box has a plastic cover that has several fastening points that need to be worked loose.  Once removed look at the upper right hand corner you will see where the case rubbed the circuit board.

To do this repair you must clean and prep the area to be repaired Take a small strand of wire from a multi-strand; about 1/4 of an inch piece and solder it in place.  Solder the strand/jumper across the break to fix it but use a low wattage pencil iron.

This How To is courtesy of Steve

There are many acceptable ways to fix printed circuit boards...results are really dependent on workmanship. Small breaks can be bridged with solder, or a small bit of wire and solder. You can also purchase self adhesive copper repair traces, or use a conductive paint pen. Sometimes it is easier to just solder a fine wire (28 or 20 ga. kynar insulated wire is typically used) between the endpoints of the components that have the broken trace between them than ty to repair the trace. The wire can be tacked down with epoxy or superglue.

Generally you want to use a low wattage soldering iron (25 watts or less) with a very fine tip (1/16" or 1/32"). The best solder to use for repairs is very fine (typically about .02" or .5mm) that is 63% tin and 37% lead (sometimes they also have about 1% silver). The 63/37% combination is optimum for electronics work and has properties that minimize the chances for a bad or 'cold" connection.

If the repair is at the edge of the seat controller board, it should be covered with clear epoxy to prevent the case from abrading it again, otherwise inside the vehicle it does not need to be coated.




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