Jaguar Wind Deflector XK8 1999

I  installed a wind deflector on my 99 xk8 and thought a few photos on the web may help others if they elect to install one.

 When I first got it I thought it would be easy to install.  However the instructions were a little confusing.  I removed both back wing covers over the top of the rear speakers just 2 screws, 1 nut screw and 1 hex nut for the seatbelt.  On the right side the holes already exist for the bracket with 2 screw clips holding a plastic bracket that was holding a wire.  I removed the 2 screws and installed the windscreen bracket with 2 bolts over the top of the plastic bracket for the wire.  I then went to the left side and prepared to drill the 2 holes for that bracket.  I did however measure the distance from the rear most part of the bracket of the right side predrilled holes and found that one was 1 ¼ in and the other was 2 in (this measurement may be different for your car so make your own measurements) and scribed a line on the left.  I then mounted the bracket and centered the line in the holes for the new bracket and identified the location for the holes.  Removed the bracket and drilled the 2 holes and installed the bracket.  I then reinstalled the 2 wings and began installing the two deflectors.  I did so by bolting the 2 deflectors to the additional bracket for the screens and then installed them on the car.  I then made the final adjustments and tightened (do not over tighten) all bolts and I was done.

 I was not sure what this was going to do what the wife wanted so we took it out for a test run.  What we found was with the windows down it reduces the amount of back wind.  When we put both the drivers and passenger’s window up it considerably reduced the amount of back wind.

 Was it worth the amount of money it cost?  Well in terms most people may understand, my wife was pleased with the results.

 The deflector was purchased on E-Bay and I do not recall the name of the company.  Good Luck if you elect to get one.


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