2010 Jaguar XF 5.0 Door Locking

Problem with doors locking

I recently experienced a problem when locking the car doors using the button on the door handle.  What took place was I pressed the door button to lock and the horn sounded two times. So I reverted to the remote button and the doors locked and the security light on the dash was lit and blinking as it should.  Now I should say I was under the impression that all the doors and trunk were securely closed.  I was a little puzzled with this so I started to read a little and asking around to get a little information on what could be the cause.  I should mention that this problem did not occur every time I locked the car with the door button.

This is what I got from my friend Steve.

The beep when locking sounds like what is called a 'mis-lock'. It's the double beep you get if you try and lock the car with a door open. It could be a few things: a bad switch in a door latch, a latch that won't pull the lock paddle in or maybe a trunk ajar switch or circuit broken.  One easy thing you can try is to lock the car with the remote button, then put the key away from the car. Go back to the car and try all the doors. See if any door will open. If it does, that's a bad one. Just be prepared, if it opens, the alarm may go off.

With this information in hand I got to thinking and I started looking around.  Rather than pulling the door apart I elected to spray lubrication into the door and trunk latches and worked them several times.  Well it worked!  So far we have not had the double beep of the horn when locking the car with the door lock button.

As a side note I should have known what to do.  The door latches are often forgotten when it comes to simple lubrication and I had a similar problem with my XK8.  Now many people ask me why I use WD40 as cleaner and lubricant. It works well but any good silicone spray will work.


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