Jaguar Roof Hydraulic Pressure Relief Valve

Over the past year I worked endlessly to provide a solution related to the problem of the rupturing hydraulic hoses for the xk8 xkr convertible top.  Several months later after receiving many hoses I worked to  develop a hose that would accept the pressure and temperature.  Soon after I received a latch that had evidence of the seal being dislodged causing a leak.  Shortly after that the lifts were failing at what I thought was an alarming rate.  I began to seeing several  latches failing and I did not know how many or why.  Well at the same time Tom (TestPoint) had a pump that he was willing to give away to a good home.  Well I did all I could to get my hands on it and in a few days I got it in the mail.  During that time I had several conversations with Walt (Walt Nuschke 00XKR Conv) about the pump and the new findings related to the seals in the latch and lifts.  Seeing Walt was better qualified in the evaluation I sent the pump to him.  You can see his findings on my page,  link provided above.  Walt has since developed a device to be installed at the pump that will reduce the operating pressure to the entire roof operating system.  We feel that this reduction in operation pressure will dramatically reduce and in most cases eliminate the frequency of hose, latch and lift failures.  Because we are unable to predict the life of the existing system in your car we are reluctant to say you will never have another leak.

The total install took 40min.  I was photographing as I was going along and what I did was put a few tools in my bag and installed this valve when I was in OC Md. Between rain showers.

I am so confident about this device I installed it in my car!  I am also going to end my quest to finding a solution to the hyd hose problem because this is it.  I want to thank everyone for their input and patience when dealing with me.  And thank you Chick & Ron for the hose and Tom for the old  pump & Walt for the Hydraulic pressure relief valve and the many people that provided parts for evaluation!

A great deal of unselfish time and effort went into the research and development of the roof operation and that information was used in the design and development of the new hose and new pressure relief valve. 

When I took this project on I told those involved I would stay on it until the end and I did just that!

Links to Hydraulic Hose EvaluationRoof Hose Replacement, After Market Roof HoseLSI Pressure Relief Valve 

In the past many have had problems removing the T30 plug on the outboard side of the pump.  You would be doing yourself a favor if you loosen this T30 plug before you dismount the pump.  I should also caution you that it is not easy to remove that plug and to use the proper tool to do this.  In the photo you can see that I am using a ratchet with an extension and a T30 Torx bit socket (Sears for under $6.00) or a right angle with a T30 Torx Bit.  Whatever you use be sure it is a quality tool and not one to break.  If you work on your car you will have an opportunity to use it again.  I personally have a full set.

Listed below is supporting information on the roof operation before and after the valve install. On the top of each graph you will see the sequence it is related to RE: topdn is top down, topup is top up. The operating PSI is on the left and the time is on the bottom.

The link below is for an article in a Australian Jaguar Club Magazine

Jaguar Car Club Magazine



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