Purge Valve Replacement

This is a continuation of my poor idle on my 99 xk8.

At this point I still had a poor idle situation and elected to change both the plugs and coil packs.

Link to plug replacement:  http://jagrepair.com/PlugReplacementXK8.htm

Link to coil pack AJ26 or AJ27 C-03 On-plug Ignition Coil AJ27 PDF

As shown in the plug replacement,  the coil pack must be removed first.  The only other thing you need to do is remove the plug and replace it with the new coil pack.

Remember that the coil packs on an AJ27 is 4 pin and the AJ26 is 2 pin. 

Still No Joy!

So I took a hunch and elected to replace the purge valve.  I had no codes and no other indications leading me to it.

See the fuel trim readings.

This is the Old Purge Valve at idle Bank1 - 3.1  Bank2 6.3

This is the Old Purge Valve at Driven Bank1 1.7  Bank2 2.8

This is the New Purge Valve at idle Bank1 - -0.9  Bank2 2.8

This is the New Purge Valve at idle Bank1 - -1.4 Bank2 0.7

This was the process in changing the Purge valve

Removed the tire and the wheel well  liner

Removed the 2 bolts, 2 vacuum lines and plug and it all came out.

Removed the 2 nuts and then the 2 hoses and installed the new Purge Valve.  After testing it, the poor idle problem was eliminated.  Go figure!!







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