Jaguar S-Type Technical Service Bulletin (TSB)

3-158 [PDF] Wood Veneer Repair Program
JTB00040NAS2 Version 2 of this bulletin replaces previously published bulletins JTB00040 & JTB00030
JTB00066NAS3 Ticking / Bubbling Noise From Behind Fascia / Instrument Panel
JTB00103 Unable to Reduce Climate Control Outlet Temperature -Diagnostic Procedure
JTB00183 S-Type Does Not Cool sufficiently
S100-01 S-TYPE – Essential Tools –Specifications
S100-02 Passenger Air Bag Warning Label –Mandatory Installation
S100-03 Engine Oil – Viscosity/Temperature Chart
S100-05 S-Type Enhancement Program - Service Action S120
S100-05a S-TYPE Enhancement Program –Service Action S120
S100-06 Extended Life Coolant (XLC) –Identification –Precautions
S100-09 Steering Wheel Vibration –Revised Power Assisted Steering Rack
S100-10a Thump From Rear Of Vehicle –Differential Mount Bushings –Install Bushing Inserts
S100-11 Drive Belt Noise After Cold Start –Supercharger –Revised Drive Belt Available
S100-12 Buzzing/Knocking Noise After Start Or WithIgnition On – Adaptive Speed ControlModule – Repair Procedure
S100-18 Engine Drive Belt –Noise Issues –Diagnosis
S100-S503 Enhanced Dealer PDI Process –3-Month Trial Period – USA Market OnlyService Action S503
S204-02 Wheel Nuts – Clarification of TorqueSpecification
S204-03 Suspension Springs - Use of Packers/Spacers
S204-04 Front Wheel Bearing/Wheel Speed Sensor –Replacement – Installation Precautions
S204-05 Rear Suspension Toe Links (Tie RodAssemblies) – Larger Mounting Stud –Modification Procedure
S204-07a Vibration Felt Through Steering Wheel orSeats – Wheels/Tires –Diagnostic Procedure
S204-08 Clunk From Front Stabilizer Bar –Revised Design Bushings –Installation Procedure
S204-10 Permanent ‘High Spot’ MarkingOn Tire Inboard Sidewall –Information
S204-11 Shock Absorbers –Revised Warranty Replacement Policy
S204-12 Premature Wear On Inner Tread Edge –Front Tires –Modified Toe Specification
S204-R136 Recall R136 –Front Lower Ball Joints –Check Torque or Replace
S204-S150 Rear Suspension –Check/Reset Rear Toe –Service Action S 150
S204-S516 Spare Tire Speed Restriction Label –Lack of Adhesion –Service Action S516
S205-01 Rear Axle Shaft Damage –Use X-TYPE Special Tools –Removal Procedure
S205-02 Rear Drive Halfshaft –Change In Specification From Hollow ToSolid Shafts
S206-02 Installation of Wheel Speed Sensorin Front Wheel Bearing Housing –Sealing Procedure
S206-03 Vibration When Braking(Comeback Visits) – Brembo Brakes –Disc/Hub Optimization Procedure
S206-04 Electronic Park Brake (EPB) –Re-Calibration Procedure
S206-05 Brake Caliper Flexible Hose –Washer Now Available Separately
S206-R166a Unintended Rear Wheel Braking –No Park Brake Warning Lights Displayed –RECALL R166
S211-01 Noise From P.A.S. –Replace Check Valve
S211-03 Lack of Power Assist –Steering Control Valve Actuator –Replacement Procedure
S211-04 Squeaking Noise –Power Steering System –Flush System
S211-04a Squeaking Noise .Power Steering System .Flush System
S211-04a2b Squeaking Noise –Power Steering System –Repair Procedure
S211-05 Lower Steering Column Area Whistle Noise –Transfer Pipe Flush “Rush” –Install Revised Steering Rack
S303-02 3.0 L V6 Knock Sensor Designations –Not Based On Cylinder Bank Designations –Clarification
S303-03 Valve Clearance Adjustment Tool 303-693 –3.0 L V6 Engine –Procedure
S303-04a New Design Dipstick –Identification –Increased Oil Fill Quantity
S303-07 Drivability Issues –Diagnostic Checks –Check Sheet
S303-08 Oil Leaks From Oil Filter –Filter Loosens –Revised Tightening Method
S303-09 MIL Illuminated – 3.0 L V6 –False Flagging of DTC P1383 or P1388 –Reprogram PCM
S303-11a Overheating –Thermostat Stuck Closed –Revised V8 Thermostat Available
S303-12 Misfire/Non-Start –Water Ingress Into Spark Plug Wells –Revised On-Plug Coil Cover
S303-14 MIL Illuminated - V6/V8 Engine Management Diagnosis - Flowcharts
S303-15 Coolant Pumps –Impeller Material –Pump Replacement Issues
S303-16 V6 3.0L Stripped Engines –Additional Parts Required For LaterSpecification Front End Accessory Drive
S303-17 Check Engine MIL/DTC P0341 And P0346 –V6 Engine –Repair Procedure
S303-19 Rough Idle/Restricted Performance/DTCs P0174, P0171, P0301 to P0308 P1316 and P1582 - Loose Air Cleaner Pipe
S303-21 Rough Idle/Hesitation –Contaminated Fuel Injectors –Cleaning Procedure
S303-23 Cooling System –Draining, Filling and Bleeding –SRO Time Revision
S303-24a V6 Engine MIL Lamp On/DTC P0332 –Water Entry In Knock Sensor Connector –Install Sealing Patch
S303-25 3.0L V6 Restricted Performance 4100-4300rpm / MIL ON – DTC P0300 to P0306, P1313,P1314 or P1316 – Reflash ECM
S303-26 Engine Detonation/Pinging DuringAcceleration From Steady-State Driving –Reconfigure ECM
S303-S137 V6 Engine Knocking Sound –Contaminated Oil Cooler –Service Action S137
S303-S139a S-TYPE PCM Reflash –Service Action S139
S303-S145 Coolant Level Sensor Contamination –Disable Sensor –Service Action S145
S303-S151 Retorque Idler Pulley –Supercharged Vehicles –Service Action S151
S303-S157 Vehicles With 3.0L V6 Exchange Engines –Potential Thrust Bearing Failure –Service Action S157
S303-S158 Poor Idle/Check Engine MIL – V6 Engines –Improved Breather Elbow –Service Action S158
S303-S159 Engine In Limp Home/Check Engine MIL –Water Ingress into Throttle Position Sensor –Service Action S159
S303-S511 Oil Leak From Engine Oil Drain Plug .V8 Engines Only .Service Action S511
S303-S518 V6 Coolant Pump Outlet Hose –Replace With Correct Specification –Service Action S518
JTB00070 Transmission Noise During Gear Shifts – Repair Procedure
S307-01 Selector Lever (Gear Shift) Interlock –Service Release Procedure
S307-02 Stuck Ignition Key –Modify J-Gate Interlock Lever –Service Action S114
S307-03 DTC P0741 – Torque Converter Clutch DoesNot Lock Up – Missing O-ring
S307-03a DTC P0741 –Torque Converter Clutch Does Not Lock Up –Missing Seal Ring
S307-05 Transmission Fluid Leaks –Cooler Hoses –Install Additional Hose Clamp
S307-06 Difficulty Selecting Range –Stiff Or Restricted Movement –Revised Selector Lever Cable
S307-07 Harsh/Slow Shifts –3.0 L V6 Vehicles –Reprogram PCM
S307-09 Harsh Shifts – Transmission MIL IlluminatedWith Reverse Selected –DTC P0736 Stored
S307-10 MIL Illuminated/DTC P0606 –Shift Quality/Driveability Issues – ZF 6HP24 –Reprogram TCM
S307-11 Growling Noise In 4th Gear During Warmup –V6 Engines - ZF6HP26 Transmission –Reconfigure TCM
S307-12 Driveline Clunk/Knock When Downshifting –ZF 6HP26 Automatic Transmission –Repair Procedure
S307-13 MIL Illumination –DTC P0741 –Replace Torque Converter
S307-13V3 MIL Illumination - DTC P0741 - Replace Torque Converter
S307-14 Surge During Warm up at 40mph to 60mph
S307-14UK Surge During War up at 40mph to 60mph
S307-15 Squeal/Squeak Noise During Acceleration .Flush And Replace ZF Transmission Fluid .Repair Procedure
S307-16 Selector Lever Difficult To Disengage FromPark – Revised Internal Control Lever –Repair Procedure
S307-17 Harsh Transmission Shifts –Adaptive Shift Strategy Drift –Reprogram TCM & ECM
S307-17 6 Speed Transmission - Harsh Shifts - Adaptive Shift Strategy Drift - Reprogram TCM & ECM
S307-18 Automatic Transmission Remove/Install –New Workshop Procedure –Revised Labor Times
S307-19 5-Speed Transmission – Erratic or HarshShifts – Valve Body Kit Available –Repair Procedure
S307-20 Inability to Shift Gears –Selector Lever Moves Freely Through J-Gate– Repair Procedure
S307-R513 Incorrect Gear Selection .ZF 6 Speed Automatic Transmission .Recall Action R513
S308-01 Manual Transmission Remove/Install –New Workshop Procedure –Revised Labor Times
No 4th or 5th gear 4-5 Pre-Stroke Valve Spring
S310-01a Loss of Engine Performance – Low FuelPressure – Replace Fuel Delivery ModuleHose – Service Action S144
S310-02 Erratic Fuel Gauge Reading .Fuel Tank Sender .Repair Procedure
S310-04 Erratic Fuel Gauge Reading .Fuel Tank Sender . S-TYPE R .Repair Procedure
S310-06 Fuel Filler Door Inoperative –Actuator Binding –Modification Procedure
S310-07 Fuel Gauge Failure or Intermittent Operation –Fuel Level Sender Available Separately –Replacement Procedure
S310-S515 Fuel Filler Cap Seal Durability –Revised Seal Ring –Service Action S515
JTB00183 Air Conditioning System Not Cooling Sufficiently
S412-01 A/C Compressor –Transferring Drive Clutch to new Compressor– Clearance Adjustment
S412-02 Air Conditioning –Refrigerant Circuit –Leak Reporting
S412-03 A/C Odor –Applying Odor Control Treatment –Procedure
S412-04 Inaccurate Ambient Temperature Reading InCold Weather – Relocate AmbientTemperature Sensor – Modification Procedure
S412-05 Climate Control Sysem Lock-up .23°C Displayed Continuously .Update Telematics Software
413-02 Control Modules – PECUS Display Messages
JTB00014 Additional Diagnostics for Instrument Cluster
S413-01 Sticking Needles –Speedometer & Tachometer –Correction Procedure
S413-02 False Warning Lamp Illumination –Revised Instrument Cluster –Repair Procedure
S414-01 Battery – Quiescent Drain Current –Specifications
S414-02 High Quiescent Drain –Intermittent Loss of Permanent Power Feed –Install Forward Harness Bypass Lead
S415-01 AM Interference –Relocate Trunk Harness –Service Modification
S415-02 Poor AM or FM Reception –Diagnostic Procedures –Modification Procedure
S417-01 Daytime Running Lamps –Enable/Disable
S417-03 Loose Mounting –Center High Mounted Stop Lamp –Repair Procedure
S417-04 Headlamp Internal Condensation –Acceptable Levels –Repair Guidelines
S418-01 Brake Pedal Switch – Revised Specification –Installation Procedure
S418-02 Installation Of New FEM, REM, and DDM –Incorrect VID Block –Use Manual Configuration Option
S419-01 Navigation System Diagnosis –Access to Diagnostic Menu – Troubleshooting
S419-02 Compass Calibration – Procedure –Not in JTIS
S419-03 Aftermarket Rear Window Tint –Interference With Reception of GPS Signal
S419-05 Difficulty Inputting Commands –Voice Activated Control System –Guidelines
S419-07 Voice Control System –Changes Starting 2001 MY –Differences From 2000 MY Operation
S419-09 Digital Telephone System –Diagnostic Flowcharts –Harness And Connector Checks
S419-11 Remote Key Fob –Factory-Programmed To Memory Position 1 –Introduction
S419-12 Passive Anti -Theft System (PATS) –Diagnostic Flowcharts
S419-13 Telematics Concerns –Navigation System Software –Installing Latest Level
S419-14 Telematics Issues .Check For Latest Software .Update Procedure
S419-15 Navigation System –Diagnostic Procedures
S419-S140a Jaguar Assist Module – USA Vehicles Only –Install Later Revision Level –Service Action S140
S419-S155 Telephone Echo On Vehicles With PremiumIn-Car Entertainment (ICE) – Replace AudioAmplifier – Service Action S155
S501-01 Front Seats – Removal –Handling Precautions
S501-02 Uneven Operation of Windows or Sliding Roof– Seals Contaminated by Polish –Recommendations
S501-03 Installation of Child Seat Tether MountingEyes – Dimensions – USA Vehicles
S501-04 Wind Noise –Check Door Mirror Gaps –Repair Procedure
S501-06 Memory Buttons Hot To Touch –Component Serviceability –Repair Procedure
S501-07 Ashtray Latch Malfunction –Revised Latch –Replacement Procedure
S501-08 Broken Fasteners –Front Seat Squab Covers –Replace Broken Fasteners
S501-09 Water Leaks - Diagnostics
S501-10 Leather Upholstery – Care & Maintenance
S501-11 Water Leakage Into Rear Footwells –Add Drain Holes –Modification Procedure
S501-12 Luggage Compartment Lid –Difficulty Opening –Repair Procedures
S501-13 Inoperative Windshield Washer –Operated While Frozen –Upgrade Fuse To 15 amp
S501-14 Memory Systems –Driver’s Seat, Steering Column, Door Mirrors– Diagnostics
S501-15 Front Door Replacement –Adapting Window Regulators To New StyleFront Door – Adaptor Kit
S501-16a Sliding Roof Does Not Close Properly/Bounces Open – Loss Of Calibration –Replace Sliding Roof Motor
S501-17 Loose Rearview Mirror –Reinstalling Mirror Mounting Block OnWindshield – Installation Procedure
S501-18a Remote Transmitter Does Not Unlock Vehicle– Vehicle Locked For Extended Period –Install Revised Driver Door Module
S501-18a2 Remote Transmitter Does Not Unlock Vehicle. Vehicle Locked For Extended Period .Install Revised Driver Door Module
S501-19 Locking or Unlatching Issues –Diagnostic Information
S501-20 Loss of Seat Memory –Reprogram or Replace DSM –Repair Procedure
S501-21 Sliding Roof One-Touch Issues –Resynchronize Roof Panel & Reprofile Spring– Repair Procedure
S501-22 Shield For Roof Opening Panel SlidesForward While Braking – Loose Fit –Install Velcro Strips
S501-23 Customer Intermittently Locked Out OfVehicle After Closing Door .Install New Door Handle Damper
S501-23a Customer Intermittently Locked Out OfVehicle After Closing Door –Install New Door Handle Damper
S501-24 Window Regulator and Motor –Available Separately –Repair Procedure
S501-25 Sun Visor Mirror Bulb –Now Available Separately –Replacement Procedure
S501-26 Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) –Flash Codes & PID Code Definitions –Diagnostics
S501-27 Electrical Seat Judder, Noisy/Inoperative –Lubrication/Motor –Repair Procedures
S501-28 Windshield Wiper Performance Issues –KATS Contamination/Debris/Rubber Deterioration – Recommendations
S501-29 Interior Mirror Compass –Compass Reading Incorrectly –Reroute Wiring
S501-M01 Airbag Deactivation Shunt Kit –Installation Instructions
S501-R134 Recall R134 –Front Seat Belt Buckle –Replace With Proper Specification Buckle
S501-S142a Rear Door Glass Inoperative in Hot Climates –Detached Regulator Mounting – ReplaceRegulators – Service Action S142
S501-S161 Wind Noise From Roof Opening Panel –Panel Profile Set Incorrectly –Service Action S161
S501-S163 Windshield Washer Hose Routing –Left Wiper –Service Action S163
S501-S164 Rain Sensing Wipers –Remove Diode/Install 5 Amp Fuse –Service Action S164
S527r3 Key Fob Modification
S600-S474a Part-Load Engine Breather – Partial Blockageof Restrictor – Scheduled Cleaning –Service Action S474
SRS System Supplementary Restraint System
Wheel Bearings Front Wheel Bearing Replacement Precautions During Installation


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