Body, Engine, Drive Train, Interior Repairs - Jaguar S-Type 2000 3.0

Bumper Repair Bumper & Splash pan repair
Cabin Air Filter Replacement Procedure to replace the filter
Headlamp Repair Headlight Repair
Headlamp Internal Repair Internal repair to headlights
Hood Safety Latch Repair to the hood safety latch when it is stuck open
Towbar Electronics Fitting Kit & Instructions
Water Leak in Trunk Water leaking into trunk from around lights
Cooling System Repair [PDF] Information on the hoses associated
Charging System This is for 2003 S-Type
DCCV S Type Valve Replacement Procedure to R&R DCCV
Engine Cleaning Just that Cleaning your engine
Engine No Start Process Procedure to troubleshoot a No Start situation
Engine Repair Course Code 168 AJ V8 & AJ V6 Engine Development, Engine Repair, Block Assembly, Engine Overview
Heater Pump Repair Aux heater pump located under the hood
02 Sensor Information Sheet This document is intended to help in the understanding of OBDII parameters, known as 'PID's, and give them definition.
P0171 & P0174 Code Trouble shooting procedure
P0300 to P0308 Code Trouble shooting procedure
Fuel Filter Replacement How to replace the fuel filter
Fuel Pressure Testing How to check fuel pressure
Fuel Trims Information and check procedure
Solar Battery Charger Continuous Solar Battery Charger
Thermostat 3.0 Thermostat 3.0 replacement
Vacuum Leak & Plug Replacement 3.0 When you have a P0171 & P0174 OBDII code this code is not limited to this repair.  Also plug replacement
Breather System 3.0 Positive crankcase vent
Vacuum Leak and additional checks Additional information for 2002 and up
Drive Train & Suspension
Differential Oil Change Changing the rear differential oil
Suspension Improvements Alignment & Ride Improvements
Brakes Front Replacement of front brakes
Brakes Rear Replacement of rear brakes
Upper Front Control Arm Replacement of the front upper control arms
Control Arm Replacement Control Arm Replacement
Shock Bushing Replacement Shock Bushing Replacement
Tie Rod Replacements Tie Rod
Tie Rod and Sway Bar Replacing Tie Rod & Sway Bar
Vertical Control Arm& Hub Replacement Replacement of vertical control arm and wheel hub
Steering Rack Replacement Steering rack replacement
Transmission Cable Adjustment Transmission Rotary Cable Adjustment
Transmission 5R55N 2000 - 2002 S-Type trans fluid check
Transmission 5R55 Fluid Fill 5R55 Transmission fluid fill
Transmission 5R55N Parts Parts Information
Transmission 5R55 Refill 5R55 Transmission Drain and Refill
A/C Climate Control A/C Performance Test
A/C Recharge and Sensor Cleaning The A/C system was not working properly (cooling) recharged and cleaned sensor
Window Regulator Replacement of the front window regulator
Parasitic Test Check for battery load
Link to Jaguar Extras Additional Electrical information



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